Bradenton Senior Softball Association

Sept 16, 2019 11:50am


Attending were William Lowe, Barb Lowe, Lloyd Grantham, Paul Wilson, Ken Krejci,  Arnie Walker,  Jack McDonough and Wayne Kopp.  

First order of business was to approve the minutes of the last meeting of 4/ 2 /19.  Arnie made a motion to approve, Lloyd second, all in favor.

Kenny discussed the situation over the shirts, sponsors, logo’s, plaques and pictures ect. with a narrative outline.  We have received the best price from Manatee Lettering Co.  Since there are 6 sponsors that provide the shirts, Kenny will contact them to get their feedback of just paying the $150 sponsor fee.

Sharon Spry has proposed a challenge for the Manatee Veterans and the BSS Veterans for the participant teams to receive a cash donation to use at their discretion.  Lloyd to check on additional clarity of this by Oct 14.

The suggestion of using Wednesday for league games to be National League was discussed.  The board felt there is not enough time to get the necessary input from the league this year to set this up , so no changes were made, we will discuss w/ the players as part of the survey this year.

The discussion of buying and using additional mats was voted down due to inability to store and dispense properly.  Will Lowe made motion, Arnie 2nd , all in favor.  We decided to sell the mat we have on Craig’s list for $190 OBO.

Arnie will handle the organizing the games for the month of Oct., Wayne will do Nov, –Paul will do December.

William Lowe passed out the updated registration info for the board to look at and comment.  Barb also passed out a list containing the names of players both active and inactive with the goal of removing players not active in the past year, the board will look at and comment also.

The next meeting will be October 14,  2019.

With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1:30PM with a motion made by Arnie, 2nd by Wayne, with all in favor.