2020 Tuesday League Team Rosters

If you are using a phone, turn it sideways to see the rosters in table form.




Turtle Watch

(Foam Green)

Play It Again

(Royal Blue)

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

Team 5

Mike Bernardo

Bob Lathrop

Art Douglas

Mike Mancuso


Ken Krejci


Bob Walter

Steve Combs

Mike Russo

Barry Jark

Roco Romano

Russ Warren

Rich Campagna

Dan Gularski

Chris O’Rear

Alan Levy

William Lowe

Fred Cronin

Bob Leduc

Pete Sears

John Yaekle

Greg Lewandowski

Dennis Cohen

Rich Lamson

Vinnie Uliano

Mike Dulac

Ron Williams

Mike McClure

Marco Molgado

Dave Freni

Barry Kutruff

Larry Sajec

David Plew

Fred Enos

Mike Herron

Mark Jackson

Arnie Walker

Bob Hall

Mike Smith

Ron Killinger

Jerry Martin

Tom Cirigliano

Rich Davidson

Gordon Macdowall

Dick Fox

Bruce Haines

John Hegdal

Bob Culbert

Steve Haney

Roger Ebert

George Stuller

Armando Lopez

Rich Monski

Paul Escamilla

Ralph Grotelueschen

Mike Hord

Jerry Wicki

Chuck Donaldson

Ray Capitani

Dennis Ryan

Marc During

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