Updates to Our League Rules, Effective April 2018

Our rules committee, Hank Arsenault (chairman), Paul Wilson, William Lowe and Bucky Rosen, met and have updated our league rules.  See this link for the complete set of updated rules.  (updates are marked in red).  Highlights of the rule changes are:

  • Home team occupies the first base dugout. (First Game). Responsible for obtaining the pitching screen, home plate mat, scoreboard, and game balls & return to the designated location. At the conclusion of first game -the opposing team becomes the home team and maintains official score.
  • Managers must provide base umpire and/or  home plate umpire as needed. Meet with umpire at the beginning of  the game for manager’s plate meeting and review any special requirements for each team.
  • Any player ejected from the game by the umpire more than once in a season will be forwarded to the Board to determine what action to take.
  • Outfielder must remain behind white line until ball is hit. Infielders must remain on the dirt until the ball is hit. If either do not comply with this rule then the batting team manager will have the option of keeping the results of the play or taking a NO PITCH.
  • Any fair ball hit over the fence at Palma Sola will be a ground rule double.
  • A batted ball hitting the screen is counted as a Dead ball the first time, a foul ball the second time, hitting the screen after two strikes will be a dead ball (not an out). If the ball is off the glove of the pitcher before hitting the screen, the ball is in play. If the ball should go into the net tray at the bottom it is in play.
  • Out of play dead ball is pipe to pipe on entrance to each dugout.     All runners will advance two bases if thrown by an infielder and three bases if thrown by an outfielder from the base they had at the time of the pitch.
  • Tobacco or alcohol use is not allowed on the field or in dugouts.
  • Infield will be allowed in both games.  Time used for infield is at the discretion of the Umpire. Infielders and outfielders must get onto the field in a timely manner and there is no outfield practice at any time. Extra throws after “BALLS IN” has been called will be charged with a ball called.
  • Safety runner stand off from third or first base is allowed, but must be declared like “runner from home” is called.  The runner is required to retouch the base before running to the next base. If not he/she will be called out. The runner must retouch the base once the ball has passed the infield.  In the case of a line drive caught by the first or third base person, the runner will be considered on the base until he/she retouches the base.
  • Base coaches are required to stand min of 8 feet from the bases


  1. 1-The number of bases allowed on a passed ball into the dugout seems overly generous.
    2-The second to last line re. “safety runner “ return to the base seems should read “be considered OFF the base until he/she retouches the base” not ON until he/she retouches the bag. With that scenario the runner can now just stay safe not retouching the bag..?

  2. Any chance you can post the list of ASA bats that are deemed illegal for our league. It would be nice when ordering an ASA bat online to verify before we purchase a bat.

    Don Voakes

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